Fun Times in Buenos Aires

So what did we do in this wonderful city to keep ourselves busy?  Well, I’ll tell you…

I discovered that my very first ice cream shop, Tufic, was also my favorite ice cream shop.  The Almond Cream was the best flavor.  I ate a lot of it.  A lot.


Nic discovered a hot chocolate shop, Tatan, while roaming around one day.  I discovered what happiness tasted like in liquid form.  The “mixed spices” hot chocolate was the best ever.

P1000173 P1000171

We got to see the infamous “dog walkers” in action.  These people walk up to 20 dogs at one time!  It’s craziness.  When they’re dropping off/picking up more dogs, they just tie them to a post and the dogs calmly wait to get the show on the road again.  I once walked behind a dog walker with about 18 dogs.  One of the poodles had to take a dump, so he just dropped to the back of the pack and pooped while scurrying to keep up with everyone…

P1000161 P1000034

We spent many days just wandering around and exploring new streets and neighborhoods…

P1000156 P1000163

P1000134 P1000129 P1000094 P1000136

Nic ate things like this for breakfast…


One day we randomly found ourselves in the midst of a military welcome for a Brazilian politician, complete with a band…

P1000086  P1000087

Nic learned that Teatro Colon (very famous, very beautiful, very old opera house) offered free performances at certain times of the month.  After a little research we woke up early to wait in line for tickets…


Two days after scoring some tickets, we waited in line again for the free show.  While waiting in line, we sat next to some ridiculously friendly lady and her husband.  She seemed really invested in us having a good experience and came to find once everyone was seated inside and waiting for the show to begin.  She then proceeded to walk us around the entire opera house and give us a free tour (which all the ushers allowed her to do).  It was super nice of her and allowed us to see some rooms we otherwise wouldn’t have seen.  The theater was beautiful and well-restored.

P1000105   P1000102 P1000110

P1000106 P1000101

We took the scenic train to Tigre and made a few stops along the way to explore new towns…


We went back to the Recoleta Cemetary for more photos and an official tour.  The tour was free and actually really interesting.

P1000063 P1000059P1000066

We went to see an enormous library that was once an opera theater (Ateneo – Grand Splendid)…

P1000045 P1000047 P1000048

We made a guest appearance at the local casino because that’s just how we roll. I lost my pesos but Nic managed to eek out some winnings…


Every day was a new adventure and most days were full of good weather.  I had an awesome time in Buenos Aires and hope to make it back there some day!





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4 responses to “Fun Times in Buenos Aires

  1. Irene

    Beautiful pictures!! I’m looking forward to visiting Argentina someday.

  2. Lou Ann

    Thanks for continuing to share your awesome adventure! I’m pretty envious, even of the failed dinners. 🙂

  3. Lou Ann

    Hey dear! Haven’t seen a new post in a while. Where are you now?

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